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Take care of your mouth

Your mouth can indicate the state of your health at distant sites. Mounting evidence suggests that oral health is linked to cardiovascular, reproductive, skeletal and metabolic wellness. Your dentist may be the first to spot the warning signs of problems elsewhere in your body. It makes sense that the health of a large organ such as the mouth, with its inner cheeks, tongue and 32 teeth, can have an impact on general health. The cardiovascular connection Although much more research is required to confirm the link… Read More

Tongue scraping

Tongue scraping is simply the process of removing all the debris that gets trapped in between the taste buds (or bumps) on your tongue. While cleaning this “gunk” off your tongue has been recognized and recommended by dentists for over 50 years, it is only recently that studies have been conducted to show the decrease in halitosis (bad breath), gum problems, and tooth decay by scraping your tongue. How does tongue scraping work? There are dozens of different types of tongue scraping appliances. They are all… Read More

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