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Dental decay

Cavities in between teeth are commonly referred to as inter-proximal caries. These types of caries occur frequently due to the inability of a toothbrush to clean in between the teeth. Oral hygiene is one of the most effective methods to prevent dental decay if performed correctly. Brushing in combination with flossing is most effective to clean all surfaces of teeth. Although there have been recent debates on flossing having no evidence to support its effectiveness, the professional use on a supervised basis has been identified to… Read More

Father’s Day giveaway

In recognition of Father’s Day, Streetsville Dental is offering a free teeth whitening service to the most deserving father. If you know of a father whose smile has lit up your world, we want to know why he deserves a little pampering. Get creative and let us know why your dad is the best. Our office staff will be voting all the way up to June 17th and posting the winner on Monday June 20th 2016 on our Facebook and Instagram page. We look forward to… Read More

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