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Building healthy oral habits

Developing oral hygiene habits starts before your baby has teeth. Wiping your baby’s gums after feeding with a clean, damp cloth will help your baby get used to having their mouth cleaned after eating. If you feel that your baby needs to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup, fill it with water only. Other liquids like juice or milk encourage the growth of bacteria which cause tooth decay. After feeding and mouth cleaning, lift your baby’s lip to look for changes in the color of… Read More

Your kid’s teeth

The average healthy adult visits the dentist twice a year. The average healthy 2-year-old has never been to the dentist. By kindergarten, 25 percent of children have never seen a dentist, yet dental decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease in America. The culprit? A combination of misinformation about when a child should first visit the dentist, when a parent should start caring for a child’s teeth and the frequent and long-term exposure of sugary liquids to a child’s teeth. A child should first… Read More

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