Grinding of the teeth and clenching

Bruxism or grinding of the teeth and clenching can damage your teeth and jaw joints (TMJ), your dental work and ruin your smile.

Some may clench while under stress or when lifting heavy objects. Many of us clench while we are asleep. It is an unconscious habit and many of us don’t even realize we’re doing it.

Bruxism can exert as much as 600 pounds of force per square inch (10 times the force registered during normal chewing). That’s enough force to crack a walnut! Habitually clenching or grinding your teeth can lead to serious complications for your smile and your facial comfort.

Protecting your teeth from the dangers of Bruxism is simply done by fabricating a night-guard designed specifically to your oral health needs. Two short appointments are required and you will be pleased to know that most insurance plans will cover the majority of the cost.